Welcome to Abyssal-Scape 317

Whoa there! Looking for a great 317 RSPS? We can help you find one! You might ask, “Alright, what’s the best RSPS for me?” Well, that depends on your taste. You might enjoy showing off your amazing PK skills or maybe you prefer hitting top of the high scores with skilling! maybe even dicing and putting everything on the line and living in the moment or maybe even slaying the king of all bosses? Well, We are happy to say, Abyssal-Scape is the right server for you. It has everything you need if you're tired of runescape. Now with all that in mind, you might ask “Every server is similar, what makes this server unique and outstanding?” Well, that’s where the gameplay, community, and staff come in. The gameplay is built in a way with a variety of bosses, different unique minigames, and customs that you will never feel boredom. There are also weekly updates that always come with new content that players can check out every week! Lastly, the community is helpful even when staff is busy, and you will never spot a scammer.

  • Hosted on dedicated servers

    Abyssal-Scape 317 is protected by ddos protection and hosted 24/7 to maximize your playing pleasure!

  • Lots of Players!

    Join the rest of players in the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Weekly Updates

    Abyssal-Scape is constantly being updated with all sorts of new features and content.

Awesome Features

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them.

  • Strong Economy

    Featuring PVM, PVP, Gambling, Skilling All Connecting With Each Other

  • Trainable Skills

    Train your skills to level 99 for a skill cape of mastery.

  • Highscores

    Compare yourself with your friends and compete against them!

  • Minigames

    Play with your friends or solo in fun minigames!

  • Fun pvp

    Easy to access pvp spots and decent combat formulas!

  • 24/7 Support

    Need help? We have 24/7 skype support by dedicated server moderators!

Getting Started

Getting started with Abyssal-Scape is easy just download and play!

Once you have downloaded the desktop client, simply type in any username and password to create a new account (No registration is necessary). When you login for the first time you will be able to customize your character. When you have finished customizing you will be able to start playing. Congratulations!

Things to Do

  • PVP : Once you login, click the quest tab and you will find "PK Teleports", click it and choose one of the spots to fight, be careful not to lose your items!

  • SKILLING : Training your skills is easy to do on Abyssal-Scape. To get started navigate to the Quest tab and click on the Skilling teleports button. This will open a dialouge that will teleport you to hundreds of locations around the server!

  • MINIGAMES : If you're a fan of games within games, the various minigames that are available in our Server, that might just be right up your alley. There are tons of games.

  • TRADING : Have you seen players wearing armour that has caught your eye? Trading and forming alliances can be beneficial to help you achieve your goals!

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