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Abbysal-Scape Changes

Posted on August 10


Hi guys, Just to let you know about the following changes:
A Client loader has been implemented, and this can be used by Windows only as of now you can download the loader here, if you do not which to auto update, please read the part for MacOS and Linux users: loader.jar,
The Loader will prompt you to update the client if an update happens when you're offline.
if you use Mac or Linux, you will have to manually update your clients, by downloading the Client.jar
IPB Forums have been installed, and I have supplied my own personal license for Abyssal-Scape to use, you will have to re-register, as IPB no longer supports converting MyBB to IPB.
When connecting to the server, you should (hopefully) notice, things load faster and respond faster, we've upgraded our hosting and switched providers.

Additionally, you will no longer have to post any kind of report on the forums, you can report a number of things here:
The client will no longer take you to the forums when closing the client.
The "::player" commands should no longer be wrongfully doubled.
The Discord URL has been fixed, on both the client and the server command.

The Store on the Client will now correctly take you to the Store page.
Thats it for now .
Thanks for reading Yours Sincerely,
Owner Abyssal-Scape

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Posted on August 20


The Trivia, PKP, Voting, Donation Stores 1 & 2 will now tell you how many points you have when you open them.
Shops have had their text updated (Example, Dragon spear will no longer display as 38500, but will display as 35,500)
The Examine for Abyssal-Scape warriors have been updated.
The price of the 10$ Scroll in the Voting shop has been lowered from 250 Points to 190.
The cost of the Gnome Scarf from the Voting Rewards Store has been lowered to 25 Voting Points.
Overload potion (4) have been added to the Slayer store for 10 Slayer Points each.
A random non wilderness spot by the "Ruins" in the Wilderness has been patched.
Your potions effect should no longer be over written by leveling up that stat.
Holy Water prices have been reduced.
A lot of the stupid trivia questions have been removed, an addition 32 new questions have been added.
The balance elemental has been added to ::balance I recommend a big team to take this boss down! he has 120,000 Constitution and a max hit for 650.
New website and launcher should be live later today.


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