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  3. Moderator Application form

    Age : 22 Timezone : utc +2:00 Where do you live ? : norway What do you think of Abyssal-Scape ? : I think it's a great game, the people are incredibly nice and you are well taken care of, there's really nothing and complaining about this server. How many hours per day do you play / will you be playing ? : Everything from 2-15 hours when I work it's smaller but often free so it can take up to 15 hours in 1 day What can i do to improve and help the server ? :help people, increase donations, get more players and play and not least be there for people who need help or something has happened. I also want to be active and available so people always have someone and ask Previous Moderator experience ( fill in to the truth please ) I've been both courage and admin before on runescape, but most are not like this, so I have little experience with it before. but I quickly learn and remember things. Tell us something about yourself : My name is Thomas and is 222 years old and comes from Norway. I am very active at gaming and working in the oil industry. I have always wanted and could help a game and get it better, and have the feeling that something has been done is amazing. and that's exactly what I want and achieve, good service and help Did you apply for the mod being , or do you really wanna make a difference , don't forget status won't give you respect Explain us why?! : I really want to make a difference, get the game started with players, maybe have some drop party and enjoy myself with a good community that is interested in the same thing as me. And least but not last , why should we pick you ?! : I am very active, stand on and do things better, come up with ideas and always intervene if needed help. Whatever it should be, I'm always here and I'm an honest person to trust
  4. Music in the client

    Love this idea, big fan of the osrs music msself
  5. Music in the client

    Also with this update would be nice that if you get hit you will make the right sound of being hurt.
  6. Music in the client

    good idea, and this is doable.
  7. Music in the client

    I think if we all go back to the days we played OSRS most off the people loved the music in the client. Since I play Abyssal Scape I miss the nostalgic feelings off the music. It would be nice if you update the client with the same music as OSRS.
  8. Last week
  9. Suggestions for next update

    Make ::boxzone donor+ because i see people always afk training because it gets boring waiting to kill a 2k hp npc. Also would recommend a decrease in drop rate of uncommons because I've been seeing new players get a 500m+ worth of bank literally after hours of playing. Next, make starterzone npcs drop more starters like rocktails, some dragon bones and toktz ket xil shield. So to sum up: Make boxzone donor+ Decrease drop rate of uncommon boxes More starterzone items
  10. Suggestions for next update

    make it so ironman can only fight ironman in wildernesss make ::well command so we can fill well anywhere
  11. Suggestions for next update

    7) wont be done u nerd 6 will be done but not now The rest will be done in short time expect hiscores, i need to fix my forums first
  12. Suggestions I've compiled from myself and the community. 1) FIX THE DAMN HIGHSCORES. We all want them. New players, old player, noob players, etc. EVERYONE WANTS HIGHSCORES. 2) Change A-S Warriors points per kill from 1 to 2-3. Would make the zone actually worth doing for people. 3) Make chaotics tradeable. 4) Update terrorbird drops at ::lzone. 5) Make legendary blade a drop from ::balance. 6) Maybe add a wilderness boss with good drops to encourage pking. 7) Find a dev Most of these are fairly easy. Will add more if I think of more stuff.
  13. 22.09.2017 Update

    Good job, but make the Dung items non-droppable aswell please.
  14. Changed the holy water shop alot ( Check it out urself, On Naza's multi, u can go there by boss teleport ) Or if ur atleast Legendary donor the NPC is on the tele spot basically. Added ::starterzone which drops coins, mboxes, Whip, fire cape, for starters to feel good and get whip easier than now. Made all Dung items untradeable ( This doesn't include primal as it wasnt dropped anyway ) NOTE: Enabled double XP for 12 hours!
  15. Updated Price Guide

    ^ Will consider some of the suggestions and edit accordingly.
  16. Icy Crossbow Buff?

    will try this on todays update
  17. Updated Price Guide

    So I hate to be that guy, but I'd like to make a few price change suggestions. In writing suggestions such as X-XY (ie. 30m-80m) X would be the price to put if there are an abundance for sale, XY or a bit higher is demand is high, none for sale. And so for future suggestions, what would you like for the format to be? Santa pieces (not hat) - 10m 17-20m Primal Rapier - 500m 625-700m Primal Longsword - 450m 625-700m Primal Maul - 450m 625-700m Abyssal Bludgeon - 350m 625-700m Robin Hood - 30m 25-30m Iron/ Mithril/ Adamant/ Pink whip - 45m 45m+ Rainbow afro - 600m 175-250m Party hats - 150m 150m+ Santa hat - 800m 800m+ Pink Party hat - 250m 350-450m Black Party hat/ Halloween mask/ Santa hat - 375m 550m+ Blowpipe - 400m 450m-650m Elder Maul - 150m 150-225m realistically, with price in donator shop 275-350m Dragon Claws - 250m 450-600m Dragon-Hunter Crossbow - 100-150m <---realistic w/ price in donator shop ---> 225-350m Armadyl Godsword - 200m 200-250m+ Bandos Godsword - 50m 75-90m Saradomin Godsword - 75m 110-125m Zamorak Godsword - 50m 55-65m Divine Spirit Shield - 350m 400-475m+ Elysian Spirit Shield - 270m 300-350m+ Arcane Spirit Shield - 250m 190-225m Spectral Spirit Shield - 150m 125-175m Bandos Piece - 80m 95-115m Armadyl Piece - 50m 80-120m Ring of the gods - 80m 110-115m Twisted Buckler - 70m 85m+ Hand Cannon - 60m 65-85m Dragonfire Shield - 50m 60-75m Abyssal Whip - 35m 30-35m Amulet of Fury - 30m 18-23m Amulet of Ranging - 30m 35-60m Dark Bow - 20m 50m+ Ring of Wealth - 10m 15m-30m Effigy - 50m *starved effigy - 35-50m Dragonkin Lamp - 50m 55-60m (even though more xp used from eff, more desireable to cb focused players) Red Key - 15m 15-23m Frost Dragon Bones - 600-1000k 400-650k Dragon Bones - 200-350k 150-250k Zombie Fragment - 150-250k Boss Pets - 500m 500m+ Gold Charm - 25k 80-120k Least XP Blue Charm - 500k 250-300k Most XP Green charm - 70k 150-200k 2nd Least XP Crimson Charm - 200k 175-275k 2nd Most XP Charm Box - 15m 8-12m
  18. In-game Commands List

  19. In-game Commands List

    add ::pos (opens pos wherever you are) , ::tree(tells you where evil tree is spawned in chat) , ::skull(skulls you) , ::skull(once already skull removes your skull), ::zombie(teles you to zombie minigame) , ::changepassword(change your PW), ::duel(teles you to duel arena), ::maxhit(tells you your max hits) , ::help(server will send ticket system to all staff) for player commands
  20. Icy Crossbow Buff?

    Suic can't buff it, he's tried and also had someone else try. its useless honestly :L
  21. Icy Crossbow Buff?

    Obviously it's not the actual icy crossbow but that doesn't matter lol. View My Video
  22. In-game Commands List

    Nice guide, love that you used me as a reference
  23. Money Making Guide

    Looking good! Definitely will help new players once the guide is complete.
  24. Money Making Guide

    Disclaimer: Prices for items constantly change. This is a not a fancy rs wiki guide that automatically updates every 5 seconds, I'll update it whenever I get the chance to. *I will add average hourly profit at a later point in time. *At this time I am not including monsters specific to donator zones. *Guide will never be complete, I'll be adding new methods every few days, and as new updates come out. *Example* CB Level: Low (3-50) /Mid (51-103) /High (103+) Stat(s): Magic (Attack, to wield certain staves) Required Levels: 21 Low Level Alchemy, 55 High Level Alchemy Avg. Hourly Profit: 30,000 gp/hr, 80,000gp/hr Type: Processing Method: Buy an item that is note-able, alch it Zombie Minigame CB Level: Mid / High Stat(s): Combat Required Levels: Decent Defense and Hitpoints Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Harvesting Method: Teleport to Zombie Minigame, Start the Minigame, Kill zombies and collect zombie fragments. Players purchase fragments at 200-250k each (250k is more common than not), you can also redeem them in the rewards shop for different gear). The easiest and quickest method, is to use blood burst or blood barrage; this way you don't use up as much food (as blood attacks heal you if you hit) and can attack multiple targets at once; this method does however cost more than say range with an ava's accumulator or melee. King Black Dragon CB Level: Mid / High Stat(s): Combat Required Levels: High Defense, High Hitpoints Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Harvesting Required Items: Anti- Dragon Shield or Dragonfire Shield, Anti-fire Potions are recommended but not at all necessary Method: Teleport to King Black Dragon, Under Boss teleports. Kill KBD. KBD drops a lot of valuable items, amongst them are dragon bones which can be sold in your Player Owned Shop for 150-200k each. KBD is a fairly quick kill, especially for higher leveled players; since KBD is a boss, you receive 1 boss point for each kill, these can be redeemed for various items in the Boss Point Shop at ::home in Edgeville, just south of the bank. My personal recommendation is to purchase Charming Imps, which yield very useful to players wishing to train summoning without much effort, they cost 100 Boss Points, and yield anywhere from 95-120m in POS (Player-Owned Shops) Ghoul Field (Training Teleport) Submitted by Forsakenfura CB Level: Low / Mid / High Stat(s): Good Def and HP Required Levels: 55 Magic For High Alchemy Avg. Hourly Profit: (Tested once, with no spec weapons, Slash Bonus 60, 76 Str bonus) 180m after alching bones, and selling all other items I got, 150m on bones alone. (used ring of wealth) Type: Harvesting/ Processing Method: Kill Ghouls (lvl 42), Pick up Ghoul Bones. Ghoul bones can be sold to General Store at ::home for 4,250,000gp; High Alched for 5M (price of runes without fire staff is 1320 (5x Fire Rune, 1x Nature Rune)) *Low Alching only yields 2.5m Crashed Star (Stardust) Submitted by Forsakenfura CB Level: Stat(s): Required Levels: Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Method: Evil Tree (....) Submitted by Forsakenfura CB Level: Stat(s): Required Levels: Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Method: Agility Tickets CB Level: Low / Mid / High Stat(s): Agility Required Levels: None Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Collection, Skilling Method: Complete Agility Courses, higher level agility courses grant more tickets upon completion. These can be used to purchase various items from agility shops and sold in your Player-Owned Shop or traded in for agility experience, which makes them valued to a lot of players. Agility tickets used to go for 275-300k each, I haven't seen them in for sale in a long while, and they may yield a bit more money for that reason, my suggested selling price is 300-350k each. *Also, being that you're getting exp. you can level up to 99, and prestige the agility skill for points that can be used in the prestige shop at home to buy items which you can sell in your POS as well. ::Starterzone CB Level: Low / Mid / High Stat(s): Combat Required Levels: None Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Harvesting Method: Kill Lvl 25 Wolves (100hp). No 100% Drops. Regular Drops: 5m Coins, 1x Mystery Box (20-25m in Pos). Rare Drops: Abyssal Whip (30-35m Pos), Fire Cape (non-tradable), 50m Coins, Clue Scroll (easy) (3-5m Pos) -------- CB Level: Stat(s): Required Levels: Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Method: -------- CB Level: Stat(s): Required Levels: Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Method: -------- CB Level: Stat(s): Required Levels: Avg. Hourly Profit: Type: Method:
  25. In-game Commands List

    Commands Open drop tabe of Npc - ::drop (npc) eg. ::drop white wolf Request help from staff - ::help Train - ::train Gamble area - ::gamble Vote - ::vote (to open up voting page) ::voted (to claim voting points) Answer trivia - ::answer (your answer) eg. ::answer suic Teleport home - ::home Claim donation - ::claim Empty inventory - ::empty Boxzone - ::boxzone Golems - ::golems Show max hits - ::maxhit Skull/ unskull your character - ::skull Change your password - ::changepassword (newpassword) Show evil tree location - ::tree Duel Arena - ::duel Open your Player-owned shop - ::pos Check players profile - ::profile (name) eg. ::profile piggy piggy Donators: ::dzone (regular) ::ezone (extreme) ::title (your new title) eg. ::title Cute (extreme) ::lzone (legendary) ::uzone (uber) ::toggleinvis (uber) ::bank (uber)
  26. Updated Price Guide

    Suggested Price Guide Do note that this is not an official price guide until confirmed by all staff members. However, it can still be used as a reference. Will make a new topic once all prices are finalized. Torva set - 750m / Pieces 250m Pernix Set - 650m / Pieces 210m Virtus set - 500m / Pieces 160m Santa pieces (not hat) - 17-20m Primal Armour set - 600m / Pieces 150m Primal Rapier - 500m Primal Longsword - 450m Primal Maul - 450m Drygore Rapier - 400m Drygore Longsword - 370m Drygore Mace - 350m Abyssal Bludgeon - 550m 3rd Age Melee set - 400-600m / Pieces fluctuate 3rd Age Mage set - 400-600m / Pieces fluctuate 3rd age Range set 250-350m / Pieces fluctuate Robin Hood - 25-30m Third Age Druidic pieces - 275m Iron/ Mithril/ Adamant/ Pink whip - 45m Rainbow afro - 175-250m Party hats - 150m Halloween mask - 75m Santa hat - 800m Pink Party hat - 250m Black Party hat/ Halloween mask/ Santa hat - 375m Gnome Scarf - 50m Custom Santa hats - 275m Sled - 375m Scythe - 275m Basket of eggs - 300m Grain - 280m Candy Cane - 300m Boxing Gloves - 80m Attacker lvl 5 - 350m Healer lvl 5 - 350m Collector lvl 5 - 350m Defender lvl 5 - 350m Serpentine Helm - 700m Blowpipe - 400m Elder Maul - 150m Dragon Claws - 250m Dragon-Hunter Crossbow - 100-150m Toxic Staff of the dead - 200m Zaryte Bow - 250m Armadyl Crossbow - 200m Kodai Wand - 300m Korasi - 350m Dragon Warhammer - 400m Death Cape - 1b+ Quest cape - 400m+ Icy Crossbow - 3b Battle-Mage set (includes gloves and boots) - 1b+ Trickster set (includes gloves and boots) - 500m+ Armadyl Godsword - 250m Bandos Godsword - 80m Saradomin Godsword - 125m Zamorak Godsword - 65m Primordial/ Pegasian/ Eternal boots - 100-150m Steadfast/ Glaiven/ Ragefire boots - 75-125m Divine Spirit Shield - 450m Elysian Spirit Shield - 320m Arcane Spirit Shield - 220m Spectral Spirit Shield - 150m Vesta body 100-200m / Legs 100-250m Statius Pieces 100m / Statius Helm 250m Morrigans piece - 80m / Hood 50m Zuriels Piece - 60m / Hood 20m Vesta Longsword - 150m Statius Warhammer - 100m Archers ring (i) - 35m Berserker ring (i) - 75m Seers ring (i) - 25m Bandos Piece - 100m Armadyl Piece - 50m Ring of the gods - 80m Twisted Buckler - 70m Hand Cannon - 60m Charming Imp - 100m Dragonfire Shield - 60m Abyssal Whip - 35m Amulet of Fury - 30m Amulet of Ranging - 30m Dark Bow - 30m Ring of Wealth - 15m Dragon Boots - 15m Starved Ancient Effigy - 50m Dragonkin Lamp - 50m Regular Mystery Box - 5-10m Common Package - 30m Uncommon Package - 50m Rare Package - 75m Extreme Package - 100m Legendary Package - 150m Red Key - 15m Silly Jester Pieces - 5m Crystal Key - 2-4m / Loop half 1-3m / Tooth half 1m Frost Dragon Bones - 450k Dragon Bones - 200-350k Zombie Fragment - 150-250k Boss Pets - 400m Gold Charm - 80-100k Blue Charm - 300k Green charm - 150k Crimson Charm - 200k Charm Box - 8-12m $10 Donator scroll - 700m $5 Donator Scroll - 350m Lord Marshall Set - 275m / 55m per piece
  27. Moderator Application form

    Alright , thank you for the apps. Don't feel mad or dissapointed because of someone been picked. More Chances will come later , everyone is equal. Love you all still <3 /locked
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