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    The following changes have been made: Platebodies give more experience. Platelegs & Plateskirts give more experience. Lumbridge castle stairs will no longer take you to the warriors guild The stepping stones in the Rellekka Slayer Dungeon will no longer take you to the Wilderness. Most of Agility has been re-written. Dungeoneering experience has been quadrupled When your overload runs out, it will now give you 500 Constitution points back. Re-written Bonecrusher has been adjusted slightly Re-written The fire at the Legendary Donator zone can now be used. Thermonuclear smoke devil's "mystic lava staff" drop has been changed to a noted drop. The player panel should no longer change "Drop Log" to the Well of Goodwill text. Please feel free to post any suggestions here, or any bug reports here.