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    The server will be fully Ready in 5-7 days, this includes new bosses, ( possibly a quest or so ) The cape, and much more, u'll see, just stick on for a week more and ull see the results bruh.
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    I didn't think it was possible to ever feel like my journey as an adventurer could ever end on this server; but it happened, kind of. This server is one of four that I've played after I stopped playing RSPS about 5years ago, and I must say that it's the most fun one I can ever remember playing. At the height of my RSPS career (I know I have no life), whenever I got bored of a server or got 99 in all skills, I'd switch to another server. But this is such a great server, with an awesome staff; I have no reason to leave, it's just that, I'm kind of bored now. After getting 99 in every skill and completing the two quests, I figured I'd try to get a max cash pile -- that took all of about three hours of trying hard and getting lucky drops. Please don't think of this as a rant, just I'd personally really like to see new content added, and I know it's not a five minute job, and I also know that the server is only as fun as the player makes it. Some things I'd love to see added in the future: Mini games -Stealing Creation -Castle Wars -Functioning Falador Party Room -Fishing Trawler Quests, definitely more quests, maybe switch the donator quest cape to a trimmed quest cape, and make the quest cape a non tradeable item, available from the veteran for 500m, and only able to equip if you have completed all quests -none in particular; 5 novice, 5 intermediate, 3 experience, 1 master, and 1 grandmaster would be nice Bosses -Giant Mole, a boss that moves around in his cave, and can be fought by a team -A boss/monster -- Maybe Elvarg-- that only drops trimmed and heraldic armour, with addy and rune being amongst the rarer drops Thanks for reading
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    maybe also custom monsters for each individual donor rank, i know they got zones but super donor doesn't have a super zone or something or atleast i haven't found out about.. Possibly a custom donor boss Should also add a loyalty point shop...i've got 100k points and bought every title in loyalty title shop haha
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    Over half of these are done! -- Clue scrolls and some more left!