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    The server is down Because of host issues ( Made a ticket, and i hope they will fix it in the next upcoming hours ).
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    Hello boys n gurls Hereby the Moderator application format , please fill in the truth and we will select one of you soon. Don't ask when or what date someone will be picked because Suic will decide and you will see it happen when he wants it to happen!! Age : Timezone : Where do you live ? : What do you think of Abyssal-Scape ? : How many hours per day do you play / will you be playing ? : What can i do to improve and help the server ? : Previous Moderator experience ( fill in to the truth please ) Tell us something about yourself : Did you apply for the mod being , or do you really wanna make a difference , don't forget status won't give you respect Explain us why?! : And least but not last , why should we pick you ?! : Please fill in this form completely honest and fair. Previous mod experience or admin or whatever won't give you any more chance on getting the position , we are just looking for someone we can trust and rely on at the end. Greetings , Rowww Abyssal-Scape Administator.