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  1. I was thinking it'd be interesting to make an Iron Man-only shop that allows you to buy higher tier armor for gold. Since Iron Man players can't trade with other players, it makes gold essentially useless. By creating an Iron Man shop, it gives purpose for gold to Iron Man players. Since the point of Iron Man is to give players a challenge obtaining rare items, make the items have a higher-than-market value price e.g. 50M fury, 50M whip, 200M BCP/Tassets, 1B per Torva/Pernix/Virtus piece (since Iron Man players aren't allowed to donate for items anyways, but only status), etc. I can help compile a more extensive list of items and prices if it's something that we could possibly go forward with.
  2. And a nice QoL change would be to make it for all shops that take points, to have it send a message saying "You currently have X Y points." Similar to how it is in the Boss Points shop and the Vote shop. Shops like the Trivia, Donator, and other shops that take points currently don't send the message. Also, for a forum update, why are we not allowed to edit posts after a minute after it's originally posted.
  3. Also forgot to add that there's currently a flaw in the trivia system where if only 1 or 2 people answer the trivia, and it goes on long enough to when the trivia switches to a new question, the first person to answer the next trivia is counted as the third person to answer the PREVIOUS trivia question.
  4. - Create use for prestige points. * Currently no use for prestige points. - Realistically balance vote shop item costs. * Change $10 donator scroll to ~180 points. If $5 scroll is 100 points, there is no reason for $10 scroll to be 250. If anything, it should be slightly discounted to encourage continued voting. Similar problem with many of the items in the vote shop that seem to be overpriced when they can be obtained in much quicker/cheaper ways. Also, gnome scarf at 250 points? What? - Remove/update lottery system * Currently allows you to enter the lottery, but there's no drawing, so might as well remove it or automate it. - Update ::ezone/lzone/uzone * In comparison to ::dzone, the rest seem to have been hastily thrown together. The zones seem to have gotten progressively less thought and attention added to them, the higher in rank that it gets. + For example, in ::ezone, there's no reason to skill there over ::dzone. It seems like ::dzone and ::ezone are trying to share a theme of easier skilling, except ::dzone does it better. ::dzone puts many skills next to bank chests which allows for an easier time. ::ezone tries to copy that idea, except in a worse way. If we're trying to keep the theme of easier skilling at ::ezone, then create ::ezone only shops that allow for easier skilling (e.g. separate herblore shop that sells noted items like noted Vials of Water, purchasable bars up to Mithril in the smithing area, etc. add a better thieving option other than the Rune armour) The design of ::ezone tries to make it aesthetically pleasing at the expense of functionality. The theme of ::lzone looks to be a better PvM area. The Frost Dragons and KBDs there are a nice addition, but it's the only good thing about it besides access to the 1 shop that sells Overloads. If we're running with the PvM idea, than maybe add more than two types of monsters. Lastly for Uber donators, the only actual advantage they have is access to the ::bank command. Not worth. - Update NPC information for abyssal-scape Warriors * Examine info still calls them Runeunity warriors. - Update trivia questions, fix the one broken question. * The question with the bad answer is one of the "Finish the lyrics..." ones that goes something like "I want you by my side..." and the answer is supposed to be "...so that I never feel alone." A lot of people have already memorized the trivia answers, so it's not much really a trivia system anymore, but more-so a who-can-type-faster at this point. - Fix the way "Worldwide information" gets displayed. * It looks like the only time that the worldwide information gets refreshed on the client is when the player first logs on. Worldwide information section is supposed to be informative, but it's not very informative if it's inaccurate the minute after you've logged on. For instance, the Evil Tree or Crashed Star can be fully mined, but it will still say it was at it's last location as opposed to saying "N/A" unless you relog. Even when you relog, it's sometimes still inaccurate. Edited for formatting.
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    Ign: TehAsianInvasian Server: NA Rank: Platinum 4 Let's get some ranked flex going!
  6. Abbysal-Scape Changes

    Thank god the obnoxious shoutbox is gone.