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  1. Music in the client

    Love this idea, big fan of the osrs music msself
  2. Suggestions for next update

    make it so ironman can only fight ironman in wildernesss make ::well command so we can fill well anywhere
  3. 22.09.2017 Update

    Good job, but make the Dung items non-droppable aswell please.
  4. In-game Commands List

    add ::pos (opens pos wherever you are) , ::tree(tells you where evil tree is spawned in chat) , ::skull(skulls you) , ::skull(once already skull removes your skull), ::zombie(teles you to zombie minigame) , ::changepassword(change your PW), ::duel(teles you to duel arena), ::maxhit(tells you your max hits) , ::help(server will send ticket system to all staff) for player commands
  5. Icy Crossbow Buff?

    Suic can't buff it, he's tried and also had someone else try. its useless honestly :L
  6. In-game Commands List

    Nice guide, love that you used me as a reference
  7. This is the official staff list for Abyssal-Scape! Owner SUIC Developer Open Administrator Winter Rowww Global Moderator Open Game Moderator Piggy piggy Drew Zack *This will be updated whenever a promotion/demotion occurs.
  8. Donator Benefits

    Very good, thanks for this Zack
  9. Rules

    Good job on rules. very well writtne
  10. September 12-14 SERVER UPDATES

    Fanks bebe <3
  11. Forum & in-game Suggestions

    Love all these suggestions and think they should all be implementing.. Also with ::commands make it open up in an interface instead of the chatbox
  12. September 12-14 SERVER UPDATES

    Love the updates bro! great job
  13. Key Minigame

    I like this, +1 from me
  14. Music