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  1. Suggestions for next update

    make it so ironman can only fight ironman in wildernesss make ::well command so we can fill well anywhere
  2. 22.09.2017 Update

    Good job, but make the Dung items non-droppable aswell please.
  3. In-game Commands List

    add ::pos (opens pos wherever you are) , ::tree(tells you where evil tree is spawned in chat) , ::skull(skulls you) , ::skull(once already skull removes your skull), ::zombie(teles you to zombie minigame) , ::changepassword(change your PW), ::duel(teles you to duel arena), ::maxhit(tells you your max hits) , ::help(server will send ticket system to all staff) for player commands
  4. Icy Crossbow Buff?

    Suic can't buff it, he's tried and also had someone else try. its useless honestly :L
  5. In-game Commands List

    Nice guide, love that you used me as a reference
  6. This is the official staff list for Abyssal-Scape! Owner SUIC Developer Open Administrator Winter Rowww Global Moderator Open Game Moderator Piggy piggy Drew Zack *This will be updated whenever a promotion/demotion occurs.
  7. Donator Benefits

    Very good, thanks for this Zack
  8. Rules

    Good job on rules. very well writtne
  9. September 12-14 SERVER UPDATES

    Fanks bebe <3
  10. Forum & in-game Suggestions

    Love all these suggestions and think they should all be implementing.. Also with ::commands make it open up in an interface instead of the chatbox
  11. September 12-14 SERVER UPDATES

    Love the updates bro! great job
  12. Key Minigame

    I like this, +1 from me
  13. Music

  14. Clue Scroll Guide

    Clue #1 "Dig somewhere Near the Duel Arena Tele" -Tele to duel arena and dig here: Clue #2 -Dig near one of the Slayer Masters Teleport to Slayer Master Vannaka and dig here: Clue #3 -Dig somewhere in Edgeville Bank Teleport home and stand here: Clue #4 -Dig somewhere near the tele to get Chaotics Click on Dung skill and dig here: Clue #5 -Dig in the are you might see Fisherman Click Fishing skill and dig here: Clue #6 -Dig near the King of the Dragons Click on the KBD teleport or the boss menu of spellbook and dig here: Clue #7 -Dig near the Mining Guild Teleport Click on Mining skill/Mining Guild and dig here: Clue #8 -Dig near the fourth Minigame teleport Teleport to Pest Control minigame and dig here: Clue #9 -Dig where players plant flowers Teleport to ::gamble an dig here: Clue #10 -Dig near the first few Crawling hands Teleport to slayer tower and dig here: Clue #11 -Dig in the cave of the giant bird Teleport to the Phoenix cave and dig here:
  15. OSRS

    Anybody here play OSRS? If so, add me "piggy piggyy" lets pk or duo skill or something ! lol
  16. Help Please

    add me on skype bro ill help you rs3beast101
  17. Some Requests

    maybe also custom monsters for each individual donor rank, i know they got zones but super donor doesn't have a super zone or something or atleast i haven't found out about.. Possibly a custom donor boss Should also add a loyalty point shop...i've got 100k points and bought every title in loyalty title shop haha
  18. Iron Man Suggestion

    great ideas! if this happened it would incluence me to use my ironman account more often lol barely use it atm :L
  19. Trivia

    I think the trivia questions need to be completely rewritten... no offense to Suic or Affliction but the current questions are horrible... most ingame agree... I think trivia would be better if there were runescape questions / questions about the server, not some stupid anagrams and lyric questions...
  20. Trivia

    what do u mean "whoever removed them" lol only you and affliction have files lool
  21. Help Please

    you got skype? i might be able to help you
  22. Loot of 50 Caskets

    Its probably just a permissions issue
  23. Loot of 50 Caskets

  24. Loot of 50 Caskets

    hmm wont let me go to link, takes me to a forum page saying im not allowed to access
  25. Suggestion List - 15 August, 2017

    suggestion with ::commands instead if it giving you a list in chatbox, maybe add a interface to display commands, and possibly add donor+ commands and organize ::commands list from player-all the way to staff commands For Donors: it spams when you ::yell or ::answer about 3 lines: This one i can't believe is still here but when you speak to Gypsy at home instead of her saying abyssal-scape she says "SERVERNAME" lol , couldn't screenshot because i've already defeated the culinoramancer lol maybe add a super donor zone Monkey Guards have absolutely no drops Brutal Green Dragon has no rare drops :L maybe add a special donor boss with drops that aren't available on regular bosses ? Currently cannot open the dragon armour sets would love for that to be fixed PLEASE GIVE CLUE SCROLLS BETTER REWARDS