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  1. Suggestions I've compiled from myself and the community. 1) FIX THE DAMN HIGHSCORES. We all want them. New players, old player, noob players, etc. EVERYONE WANTS HIGHSCORES. 2) Change A-S Warriors points per kill from 1 to 2-3. Would make the zone actually worth doing for people. 3) Make chaotics tradeable. 4) Update terrorbird drops at ::lzone. 5) Make legendary blade a drop from ::balance. 6) Maybe add a wilderness boss with good drops to encourage pking. 7) Find a dev Most of these are fairly easy. Will add more if I think of more stuff.
  2. Iron Man Suggestion

    I think this should only be for the items that are only obtained through donator, besides maybe nex sets. Grinding bosses for the items they drop is all about the ironman experience But as far as items like primal sets, phats, etc. I would be okay with those being put into an ironman only shop for a ridiculous amount. However, drop trading might be an issue that won't allow this to happen.
  3. Please read this

    I like these updates. They add more things for people to grind, which will in turn make them invest more time into the server and be less likely to quit. Key updates that need to happen from the list: Prestige shop, holy water shop fix, and clue scroll fixes. However Suic, don't make the mistake of promising updates that don't get delivered like the last batch you promised. (Which was the reason a lot of people quit).
  4. Suggestions

    Yeah I like this idea especially since a large part of our playerbase is skillers and they don't have their own version of a max cape. The Master capes (for maximum exp in a skill) will give them a way to show off their accomplishments.
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  6. Bug Fixes 15/08/2017

  7. Abbysal-Scape Changes

    Thanks for your contributions Affliction.