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  1. Please read this

    Thanks for keeping us posted homie! i'm excited for the clue scrolls!
  2. Some Requests

    Great Ideas Piggy!! the won't go un-heard! Thanks for contributing!
  3. Some Requests

    So i've been chatting up some newer players to the server & they have great ideas! So i thought i'd start a newer little suggestion thread on Forums for all new && old players can post suggestions! Few ideas: Crystal Halberd (give a Crystal Seed to a Elf Woman in exchange for a Crystal Item.) Have been told it's great for bossing! ::commands in a prompt window when entered In-Game PvP Gear Shop Examples : Normal Whip, Dds, Restore pots, Dragon legs, Maybe torso for a few mil, super str/attk/range/mage pots, Dragon bolts (e), Rune C'bow, etc. A Donator Island with main bosses placed for a good donator benifit (could be Uber+ even) Some more random cool customs Infernal Cape! Thanks for viewing! Suggest anything you've been thinking about! No idea is a bad idea! (maybe!) haha!
  4. Playerbase

    also set effects on nex sets (torva,pernix,virtus) would be cool! like a small damage boost like 10-15%!
  5. just requesting that we get a clue scroll guide since they've been updated and i have no clue where most of them are, haha.
  6. Playerbase

    i honestly just think we need to add maybe a few customs (not 50 different torva sets like some servers lol,) maybe a few more shops, a random boss, maybe even some raids would be cool! We all probably wouldn't mind even like even some cosmetics to look cool while hanging out around home bank and whatnot! just throwing it out there. i love the server but new items are what the older players are craving i've talked to quite a few! maybe a pvp shop update even for cool stuff to tempt people to pk because not to many pvp and many players have told me they want to have a server they can pvp on!
  7. Please read this

    great update suic! i'm so so happy to see updates! let's gain that player-base count !!! oh and also add me into moderators group for forums aswell haha
  8. Abbysal-Scape Changes

    it's about time we get some updates! haha juss playin! We love you affliction!