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  1. Updated Price Guide

    So I hate to be that guy, but I'd like to make a few price change suggestions. In writing suggestions such as X-XY (ie. 30m-80m) X would be the price to put if there are an abundance for sale, XY or a bit higher is demand is high, none for sale. And so for future suggestions, what would you like for the format to be? Santa pieces (not hat) - 10m 17-20m Primal Rapier - 500m 625-700m Primal Longsword - 450m 625-700m Primal Maul - 450m 625-700m Abyssal Bludgeon - 350m 625-700m Robin Hood - 30m 25-30m Iron/ Mithril/ Adamant/ Pink whip - 45m 45m+ Rainbow afro - 600m 175-250m Party hats - 150m 150m+ Santa hat - 800m 800m+ Pink Party hat - 250m 350-450m Black Party hat/ Halloween mask/ Santa hat - 375m 550m+ Blowpipe - 400m 450m-650m Elder Maul - 150m 150-225m realistically, with price in donator shop 275-350m Dragon Claws - 250m 450-600m Dragon-Hunter Crossbow - 100-150m <---realistic w/ price in donator shop ---> 225-350m Armadyl Godsword - 200m 200-250m+ Bandos Godsword - 50m 75-90m Saradomin Godsword - 75m 110-125m Zamorak Godsword - 50m 55-65m Divine Spirit Shield - 350m 400-475m+ Elysian Spirit Shield - 270m 300-350m+ Arcane Spirit Shield - 250m 190-225m Spectral Spirit Shield - 150m 125-175m Bandos Piece - 80m 95-115m Armadyl Piece - 50m 80-120m Ring of the gods - 80m 110-115m Twisted Buckler - 70m 85m+ Hand Cannon - 60m 65-85m Dragonfire Shield - 50m 60-75m Abyssal Whip - 35m 30-35m Amulet of Fury - 30m 18-23m Amulet of Ranging - 30m 35-60m Dark Bow - 20m 50m+ Ring of Wealth - 10m 15m-30m Effigy - 50m *starved effigy - 35-50m Dragonkin Lamp - 50m 55-60m (even though more xp used from eff, more desireable to cb focused players) Red Key - 15m 15-23m Frost Dragon Bones - 600-1000k 400-650k Dragon Bones - 200-350k 150-250k Zombie Fragment - 150-250k Boss Pets - 500m 500m+ Gold Charm - 25k 80-120k Least XP Blue Charm - 500k 250-300k Most XP Green charm - 70k 150-200k 2nd Least XP Crimson Charm - 200k 175-275k 2nd Most XP Charm Box - 15m 8-12m
  2. Moderator Application form

    Fair Warning: Once upon a time I accidentally spawned a king black dragon at home on Soulsplit. Age : 21 (human years) Timezone : EST (UTC-5) Where do you live ? : Northeast, United States What do you think of Abyssal-Scape ? : Nothing, my mind is empty. Every time I play though, the hamster spinning the wheel gets very happy and wags his tail. How many hours per day do you play / will you be playing ? : Four to six hours on weekdays, seven or more hours on weekends and holidays. What can i do to improve and help the server ? : Pay attention to public/ clan/ other chats, and mute/jail/do other mod stoof if there's a problem. Previous Moderator experience ( fill in to the truth please ): 1) 2008- Forgot Server Name, Player mod for about four months, from Server start to end; server shut down cause there was a chest in modzone that gave u 100x every colour phat when u opened it... We all know where that ended. 2&3) Early 2009, was given player mod, real life friends with owner, he shut down server within like 2 weeks. Him and I started a Server together that lasted about 6 months, we both coded, my official title was co-owner. 4) When Soulsplit first started, I was an admin, and I accidentally spawned a kbd at home, and it ended very badly, and I learned my lesson Tell us something about yourself : I enjoy playing this server, more than I enjoy going to work, and before I found this server that was my favorite thing to do. Did you apply for the mod being , or do you really wanna make a difference , don't forget status won't give you respect Explain us why?! : I applied because I felt the need to give other applicants some competition, being a moderator is a big responsibility. And least but not last , why should we pick you ?! : you probably shouldn't considering I didn't fill this out seriously. If there's a next time though, I promise I will
  3. I didn't think it was possible to ever feel like my journey as an adventurer could ever end on this server; but it happened, kind of. This server is one of four that I've played after I stopped playing RSPS about 5years ago, and I must say that it's the most fun one I can ever remember playing. At the height of my RSPS career (I know I have no life), whenever I got bored of a server or got 99 in all skills, I'd switch to another server. But this is such a great server, with an awesome staff; I have no reason to leave, it's just that, I'm kind of bored now. After getting 99 in every skill and completing the two quests, I figured I'd try to get a max cash pile -- that took all of about three hours of trying hard and getting lucky drops. Please don't think of this as a rant, just I'd personally really like to see new content added, and I know it's not a five minute job, and I also know that the server is only as fun as the player makes it. Some things I'd love to see added in the future: Mini games -Stealing Creation -Castle Wars -Functioning Falador Party Room -Fishing Trawler Quests, definitely more quests, maybe switch the donator quest cape to a trimmed quest cape, and make the quest cape a non tradeable item, available from the veteran for 500m, and only able to equip if you have completed all quests -none in particular; 5 novice, 5 intermediate, 3 experience, 1 master, and 1 grandmaster would be nice Bosses -Giant Mole, a boss that moves around in his cave, and can be fought by a team -A boss/monster -- Maybe Elvarg-- that only drops trimmed and heraldic armour, with addy and rune being amongst the rarer drops Thanks for reading
  4. Stealing Creation & Castle Wars Played SC when it first came out, I remember trying to play a couple months back and not being able to find a world with anyone in SC :(, so if they changed then, I'd like to see the original version. Castle Wars, cuz I want to spawn kill Rowww
  5. Marketplace

    Buying: loop halves 3m each (up to 30) arma hilt 350m any other gs hilt, give me your price any sigil, give me your price bow strings 5k each
  6. Hulk's Price Guide

    Hulk's Price Guide from old forums, last updated around 8-6-17 Welcome to my price guide, bare in mind that the server is still new and prices are fluctuating all the time, I will try my best to update when I see a change in any price. I hope you all find this helpful and feel free to comment if you feel that a price is incorrect. Also if I missed any items its probably because they're not currently in the eco at the moment or I've simple forgot, feel free to message me ingame for any suggestions on changes to make. Note: The quickest way to find out an approximate value of an item is through the donation store in Edgeville bank, the majority of the prices in there reflect how much they are in game (this does not work for all items), if an item is worth 10 points in the donation store, all you have to do is x10 and the transfer into millions, for example the torva set is 50 points, which means its approximately 500m ingame, this works for 90% of the items. [PRICE LIST] Torva set - 500-600m / Pieces 150m Pernix Set - 500-700m / Pieces 150-200m Virtus set - 400-500m / Pieces 125m Primal Armour set - 400-600m / Pieces 100-150m Primal Rapier - 400-600m Primal Longsword - 400-500m Primal Maul - 400-500m Drygore Rapier - 350-500m Drygore Longsword - 300-450m Drygore Mace - 350-450m 3rd Age Melee set - 400-600m / Pieces fluctuate 3rd Age Mage set - 400-600m / Pieces fluctuate 3rd age Range set 250-350m / Pieces fluctuate Party hats - 100-200m Halloween mask - 50-100m Santa hat - 1b+ Pink Party hat - 300m+ Black Party hat/ Halloween mask/ Santa hat - 300-500m Custom Santa hats - 250-400m Sled - 300-800m Scythe - 300-800m Basket of eggs - 300-800m Grain - 300-800m Candy Cane - 300m Boxing Gloves - 50-100m Attacker lvl 5 - 300-800m Healer lvl 5 - 300-800m Collector lvl 5 - 300-800m Defender lvl 5 - 300-800m Serpentine Helm - 400-600m (Prices will change soon) Blowpipe - 300-400m Elder Maul - 100-200m Dragon Claws - 150-250m Dragon-Hunter Crossbow - 100-150m Toxic Staff of the dead - 100-200m Zaryte Bow - 100-300m Armadyl Crossbow - 100-200m Kodai Wand - 200-400m Korasi - 250-400m Dragon Warhammer - 100-300m Death Cape - 1b+ Quest cape - 400m+ Icy Crossbow - 3-5b Battle-Mage set (includes gloves and boots) - 1b+ Trickster set (includes gloves and boots) - 500m+ Armadyl Godsword - 200-300m Bandos Godsword - 25-50m Saradomin Godsword - 50-100m Zamorak Godsword - 25-50m Primordial/ Pegasian/ Eternal boots - 100-150m Steadfast/ Glaiven/ Ragefire boots - 75-125m Divine Spirit Shield - 300-400m Elysian Spirit Shield - 200-300m Arcane Spirit Shield - 200-250m Spectral Spirit Shield - 100-150m Vesta body 100-200m / Legs 100-250m Statius Pieces 60-130m / Statius Helm 200-400m Morrigans piece - 50-150m / Hood 50m Zuriels Piece - 10-60m / Hood 15-30m Vesta Longsword - 100-200m Statius Warhammer - 50-100m Bandos Piece - 50-150m Armadyl Piece - 30-50m Ring of the gods - 50-100m Twisted Buckler - 50-100m Hand Cannon - 50-150m Charming Imp - 50-150m Dragonfire Shield - 35-65m Abyssal Whip - 25-30m Amulet of Fury - 15-30m Amulet of Ranging - 20-40m Dark Bow - 5-20m Ring of Wealth - 10m Dragon Boots - 5-20m Effigy - 20-60m Dragonkin Lamp - 20-60m Mystery Box - 5-10m Red Key - 5-20m Crystal Key - 2-4m / Loop half 1-3m / Tooth half 1m Frost Dragon Bones - 600-1000k Dragon Bones - 200-350k Zombie Fragment - 150-250k Note: I will alter prices when needed Hope this helped guys, I'm open to suggestions and feel free to comment or message me ingame if you think a price needs changing.