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  1. Music in the client

    good idea, and this is doable.
  2. Suggestions for next update

    7) wont be done u nerd 6 will be done but not now The rest will be done in short time expect hiscores, i need to fix my forums first
  3. Changed the holy water shop alot ( Check it out urself, On Naza's multi, u can go there by boss teleport ) Or if ur atleast Legendary donor the NPC is on the tele spot basically. Added ::starterzone which drops coins, mboxes, Whip, fire cape, for starters to feel good and get whip easier than now. Made all Dung items untradeable ( This doesn't include primal as it wasnt dropped anyway ) NOTE: Enabled double XP for 12 hours!
  4. Icy Crossbow Buff?

    will try this on todays update
  5. Sorry for the downtime, host issues Will enable Double EXP for 18-24h good luck grinding
  6. Server downtime 19.09.2017

    Update: The ticket is now set to "In progress" means they are fixing it most likely.
  7. Server downtime 19.09.2017

    or even better fix this shit
  8. The server is down Because of host issues ( Made a ticket, and i hope they will fix it in the next upcoming hours ).
  9. Suggestions/Fixes

    will buff soulsplit - And will consider nex gear one.
  10. SERVER UPDATES 9/13/2017-9/14/2017 ::Dzone npcs(otherworldly being) (regular donator zone) with good drops. see Dzone drop table below: ::ezone npcs(skavid) (extreme donator zone) with good drops aswell. ::lzone npcs(terrorbird) (legendary donator zone) added along with drops NOTE* lzone npc drop table does not work but the drops are still there! ::uzone npcs(tortoise) (uber donator zone) added with good drops NOTE* Tortoise drop table says holy water x100 but there is a chance of x500 holy water rare drop!!!! Prestige point shop has finally been added! will be revamped soon. Boss point shop has been edited! see below Also ::boxzone has been added weak wolf with high hp that drops some nice packages Also ::golems have been added to farm for charm box and clue scrolls More will be added as i remember them these are the major updates done hope you all enjoy! CREDIT: Piggy Piggy ( he Made this so pls show love to him )
  11. Clue Scroll Guide

    ty piggy
  12. Key Minigame

    Intresting, Will keep this in mind.
  13. Help Please

    @Death Note - pm me on discord - i know how to help u out