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  1. Moderator Application form

    your all sheet. pick me obs choice
  2. Donator Benefits

    good stuff.
  3. Forum & in-game Suggestions

    love the ideas, but we had a shout box was taken off due too some complaints
  4. Music

  5. Key Minigame

    not a bad idea
  6. Hi

    well, hello there mr dic how r u
  7. Game Engine Changes & Improvements - 16/08/2017

    awesome work.
  8. Ay

    welcome too the server buddy how too see you ign <3
  9. Donation sale + Triple XP n More!

    awesome <333333
  10. Hulk's Price Guide

    Thanks hulky poo the dic thanks for the prices
  11. OSRS

    Love My Name Don't play much but drop me an add
  12. Hello, Friends

    MY dic is hard
  13. Sup boys

    Welcome!!!! hope you enjoy your stay at the big dic server
  14. Abbysal-Scape Changes

    Dope, awesome job
  15. my new picture <3

    MY Dic would be alot better! but 6.5/10