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  1. Moderator Application form

    Age : 20 Timezone : Eastern Where do you live ? : Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada What do you think of Abyssal-Scape ? : It's a good time killer for me I also think that the community is pretty close and that's what I look for in a server. I think it needs a little improvement but that's what suggestions and good staff are for. How many hours per day do you play / will you be playing ? : weekdays : 4-5, weekends : 6-7 What can i do to improve and help the server ? : I'm on alot, so I can help with making sure the rules are followed. I also know quite a bit about programming so I can be of some use with that. Previous Moderator experience ( fill in to the truth please ): I made a server before, I was a moderator on 2 different servers and administrator on 1 other. Tell us something about yourself : I'm going to school for Interactive Media Development, which includes programming with JavaScript. Why did you apply for the mod being , or do you really wanna make a difference , don't forget status won't give you respect Explain us why?! : I just see alot of people not following the rules, and I also noticed that when people do these things, staff just happens to not be on. And least but not last , why should we pick you ?! : I play alot, I know alot about the server, I've been around a long time and I'm #1
  2. Music

    What you guys listening to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e13hcN-e_4
  3. Key Minigame

    You start with a low level monster, for example giant rats, and they drop keys (item codes 1543-1548). The keys open a door to get to the next area with a stronger monster. As you progress through the minigame, it gets harder and harder. Eventually you will reach a boss that will give you a key to unlock a chest. This chest can give anything from junk to a rare. (Possibly a rare that you can only get from this minigame.) Location Suggestion Jaldraocht Pyramid (Level 4) Monster Suggestions Room 1: Giant Rat Room 2: Guards Room 3: White Knights Room 4: Fire Giants Room 5: Black Knight Titan Boss Suggestion: San to Jalon As for items, well, that's not really up for me to decide since I don't really know the economy too well. I've programmed this before and my small player base seemed to like it. I had alot of fun with it too. Feel free to change up anything, there's also a way to make this work in Yanille. Hope you take this under consideration, thanks!
  4. OSRS

    I'm a big ol' scrub, but my user is Daymein420 add me up.
  5. Ay

    My in-game name is 1 but unfortunately the forums are too good for my username, so I used my Ironman's name. See you in-game.