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  1. Key Minigame

    Thanks for the suggestion mate
  2. Game Engine Changes & Improvements - 16/08/2017

    Keep up with the nice work , thanks man!
  3. Suggestion List - 15 August, 2017

    I like these suggestions , good job
  4. Some Suggestions / To-Fix list

    Adding flasks would be cool too
  5. Loot From Boxes

    Hope this was usefull guys!
  6. Loot From Boxes

    Loot on 100 Legendary Package: (2.1b + 1.2b) + a lot of crazy items with graphical glitches but crazy stats!
  7. Loot From Boxes

    Loot on 100 Extreme Package:
  8. Loot From Boxes

    Loot on 100 Rare Package:
  9. Loot From Boxes

    Loot on 100 Uncommon Package:
  10. Loot From Boxes

    Loot on 100 Common boxes :
  11. Loot From Boxes

    Loot from 100 Mistery Boxes:
  12. Loot From Boxes

    Here i will post the loots from all the existing boxes
  13. Bug Fixes 15/08/2017

    Thank you very much Affliction
  14. Fix Bonecrusher (it does not work) Make Nex way harder Make so that Overloads give back 50 hp after effect is gone Now some suggestion: Add a pyre to uberZone so that it remains there forever and we can use logs on it to get firemaking xp
  15. Hello, Friends

    Finally KING DIC!