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  1. Moderator Application form

    Age : 18 Timezone : Central Time, US & Canada Where do you live ? : United States What do you think of Abyssal-Scape ? : Abyssal-Scape is a server that's worth playing, however falls short when providing an adequate amount of players on a regular basis. They player base is very sporadic on amount of players online. Weekends can go up to 10 or over players at a time, but during the weekdays can fall short due to most players being young and either at job/work. How many hours per day do you play / will you be playing ? : On average during the weekdays about 3-5 hours due to school. During the weekends 6-7 hours. What can I do to improve and help the server ? : This question seems ridiculous because the only thing that anyone can do is simply suggest and request. Suic is the one that will need to improve and help the server as he has access to everything. You want to ask what I can contribute to the server? Time and patience. Suic is only human so the only thing I can do is to wait when he can do things and simply suggest what players ask for when he's not there. Previous Moderator experience : Moderator on 3 other servers during the past. Tell us something about yourself : I love to rock climb. Did you apply for the mod being , or do you really wanna make a difference ? Explain why? : This is almost like the "What can I do to improve and help the sever." The difference I make is simply to be online and greet those that come in. I cannot make a difference when it comes to actual server improvement interaction because I am not a coder. I am a player and simply one that can provide suggestions. I applied for Moderator because there is no harm in doing so, and that though we have many staff members there are hours on end that a staff member is not present. Of course, this isn't much of a issue as we don't have that many players acting up but it'd be nice to have a role figure during those times. And least but not last , why should we pick you ? : Because i'm a pretty chill dude.
  2. Iron Man Suggestion

    If drop trade is an issue that enable that Iron Man cannot drop but rather destroy the item when attempting to drop.
  3. Suggestion List - 15 August, 2017

    Most of the time your end goal is trying to reach for the highest max hit you can get. On this server in particular, defense probably doesn't matter as much because you can die and be totally fine since you won't lose items. Personally, I like to get whatever will give me the highest DPS - thus Bandos would be my choice because of the extra strength bonus.
  4. Suggestion List - 15 August, 2017

    Actually I'm fairly sure it's supposed to be made that way. In exchange for defence, you sacrifice strength bonus (Verac). In exchange for strength bonus, you exchange defence (Bandos).
  5. Suggestion list - 08/16/17

    Double drops - Can I just say, that this system is heavenly with dragon bone drops and such and absolutely love it for farming drops haha. I understand it's already in the system, however I was thinking about making it a thing similar to Well that you can donate x amount of gold for it to turn on. This would be most likely be abused every time so I suggest that it's on a certain day that it can be activated (most likely Sunday). Loot post - Pai's list of mboxes, common boxes, etc. is extremely helpful, however certain items have a graphic glitch and aren't named therefore unknown as to what they are. Another list that I would hope to see is from Red Key & Crystal Key. Tier list of Max Gear - Self explanatory, if we could possibly get a list from Strongest to Weakest gear for each combat (mage, melee, range) due to some people wondering what gear is exactly stronger than the other, what monster to grind, etc.. Slayer Shop update - Replace the Balmung with Overloads for 10 slayer points ea.. Potion bug - Some people have probably noticed that when you drink a potion and level up that skill it'll erase ever having that bonus. Top Voter Reward - I believe a reward for top voter should be implemented every month because Top Voter shows that the individual has been voting daily, and probably 2 times every 12 hours or so. *edited for formatting issues.
  6. Suggestion List - 15 August, 2017

    I might be wrong, but I feel in his case he is referring that the trivia, if not answered with three people, should end with an N/A as the last person or last two that way that first person could have a chance to acquire first place again for the next trivia instead of having to sit out and wait until someone answers it.
  7. Some Suggestions / To-Fix list

    Thermonuclear smoke devil drops Mystic Lava Staff unnoted when there probably more than 15 of them. It's a shame to not be able to get them noted to sell to general store. Edit: Also, a rules page has not been added to the forums yet stating what is not allowed.
  8. League of Legends

    Hey mates, this post is strictly for League of Legend players (or those who are interested in it) and want to know others who enjoy it I'll go ahead and introduce myself, My ign in League is CrimsonHabitat, been playing since around season 3 or so and currently Platinum 5. I used to be in the Diamond tier but I've slowly gotten lazy and haven't practiced too much so I'm not what I used to be. Leave your ign below if you maybe want to do some ranked duos/flex/norms/aram/etc.. It'd be nice to play some league with fellow Abyssal-scape players.
  9. Abbysal-Scape Changes

    Shit getting done, that's what I love to see. And I absolutely am so glad forums was changed. Great work