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Found 1 result

  1. Some Requests

    So i've been chatting up some newer players to the server & they have great ideas! So i thought i'd start a newer little suggestion thread on Forums for all new && old players can post suggestions! Few ideas: Crystal Halberd (give a Crystal Seed to a Elf Woman in exchange for a Crystal Item.) Have been told it's great for bossing! ::commands in a prompt window when entered In-Game PvP Gear Shop Examples : Normal Whip, Dds, Restore pots, Dragon legs, Maybe torso for a few mil, super str/attk/range/mage pots, Dragon bolts (e), Rune C'bow, etc. A Donator Island with main bosses placed for a good donator benifit (could be Uber+ even) Some more random cool customs Infernal Cape! Thanks for viewing! Suggest anything you've been thinking about! No idea is a bad idea! (maybe!) haha!