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Game Engine Changes & Improvements - 16/08/2017

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Affliction    3
  • Re-written server loading
  • Re-written event days
  • Added configuration to turn off yell, double drops, double points, double exp, Player Owned Shops
  • Fixed the bank at Dungeoneering it's now usable again.
  • Removed a lot of redundant "fixes" by the last developer
  • Cleaned up Motivote and SQL Connections code & re-written some parts. 
  • Fixed a few definition loading problems
  • Ranged Strength is now taken into account when attacking a player or NPC
  • Double Drops have been added.
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Daily Events
  • Fixed an issue with Trivia showing "The current question is +" will now give you the current question in the same line, instead of the line below.

A debug and Development mode has been added to the server, which can only be toggled on by myself.

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