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Suggestion list - 08/16/17

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  • Double drops -
    • Can I just say, that this system is heavenly with dragon bone drops and such and absolutely love it for farming drops haha. I understand it's already in the system, however I was thinking about making it a thing similar to Well that you can donate x amount of gold for it to turn on. This would be most likely be abused every time so I suggest that it's on a certain day that it can be activated (most likely Sunday). 
  • Loot post -
    • Pai's list of mboxes, common boxes, etc. is extremely helpful, however certain items have a graphic glitch and aren't named therefore unknown as to what they are. Another list that I would hope to see is from Red Key & Crystal Key.
  • Tier list of Max Gear -
    • Self explanatory, if we could possibly get a list from Strongest to Weakest gear for each combat (mage, melee, range) due to some people wondering what gear is exactly stronger than the other, what monster to grind, etc..
  • Slayer Shop update - 
    • Replace the Balmung with Overloads for 10 slayer points ea.. 
  • Potion bug - 
    • Some people have probably noticed that when you drink a potion and level up that skill it'll erase ever having that bonus.
  • Top Voter Reward 
    • I believe a reward for top voter should be implemented every month because Top Voter shows that the individual has been voting daily, and probably 2 times every 12 hours or so.


*edited for formatting issues.

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