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Update 20/08/2017

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Affliction    3
  • The Trivia, PKP, Voting, Donation Stores 1 & 2 will now tell you how many points you have when you open them.
  • Shops have had their text updated (Example, Dragon spear will no longer display as 38500, but will display as 35,500)
  • The Examine for Abyssal-Scape warriors have been updated.
  • The price of the 10$ Scroll in the Voting shop has been lowered from 250 Points to 190.
  • The cost of the Gnome Scarf from the Voting Rewards Store has been lowered to 25 Voting Points.
  • Overload potion (4) have been added to the Slayer store for 10 Slayer Points each.
  • A random non wilderness spot by the "Ruins" in the Wilderness has been patched.
  • Your potions effect should no longer be over written by leveling up that stat.
  • Holy Water prices have been reduced.
  • A lot of the stupid trivia questions have been removed, an addition 32 new questions have been added.
  • The balance elemental has been added to ::balance I recommend a big team to take this boss down! he has 120,000 Constitution and a max hit for 650.

New website and launcher should be live later today.

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