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Key Minigame

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Damez    2

You start with a low level monster, for example giant rats, and they drop keys (item codes 1543-1548). The keys open a door to get to the next area with a stronger monster. As you progress through the minigame, it gets harder and harder. Eventually you will reach a boss that will give you a key to unlock a chest. This chest can give anything from junk to a rare. (Possibly a rare that you can only get from this minigame.)


Location Suggestion

Jaldraocht Pyramid (Level 4)

Monster Suggestions

Room 1: Giant Rat

Room 2: Guards

Room 3: White Knights

Room 4: Fire Giants

Room 5: Black Knight Titan

Boss Suggestion: San to Jalon

As for items, well, that's not really up for me to decide since I don't really know the economy too well. I've programmed this before and my small player base seemed to like it. I had alot of fun with it too. Feel free to change up anything, there's also a way to make this work in Yanille. Hope you take this under consideration, thanks! :)

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