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Hulk's Price Guide

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Hulk's Price Guide from old forums, last updated around 8-6-17
Welcome to my price guide, bare in mind that the server is still new and prices are fluctuating all the time, I will try my best to update when I see a change in any price. I hope you all find this helpful and feel free to comment if you feel that a price is incorrect. Also if I missed any items its probably because they're not currently in the eco at the moment or I've simple forgot, feel free to message me ingame for any suggestions on changes to make.


Note: The quickest way to find out an approximate value of an item is through the donation store in Edgeville bank, the majority of the prices in there reflect how much they are in game (this does not work for all items), if an item is worth 10 points in the donation store, all you have to do is x10 and the transfer into millions, for example the torva set is 50 points, which means its approximately 500m ingame, this works for 90% of the items.




Torva set - 500-600m / Pieces 150m


Pernix Set - 500-700m / Pieces 150-200m


Virtus set - 400-500m / Pieces 125m


Primal Armour set - 400-600m / Pieces 100-150m


Primal Rapier - 400-600m


Primal Longsword - 400-500m


Primal Maul - 400-500m


Drygore Rapier - 350-500m


Drygore Longsword - 300-450m


Drygore Mace - 350-450m


3rd Age Melee set - 400-600m / Pieces fluctuate


3rd Age Mage set - 400-600m / Pieces fluctuate


3rd age Range set 250-350m / Pieces fluctuate


Party hats - 100-200m


Halloween mask - 50-100m


Santa hat - 1b+


Pink Party hat - 300m+


Black Party hat/ Halloween mask/ Santa hat - 300-500m


Custom Santa hats - 250-400m


Sled - 300-800m


Scythe - 300-800m


Basket of eggs - 300-800m


Grain - 300-800m


Candy Cane - 300m


Boxing Gloves - 50-100m


Attacker lvl 5 - 300-800m


Healer lvl 5 - 300-800m


Collector lvl 5 - 300-800m


Defender lvl 5 - 300-800m


Serpentine Helm - 400-600m (Prices will change soon)


Blowpipe - 300-400m


Elder Maul - 100-200m


Dragon Claws - 150-250m


Dragon-Hunter Crossbow - 100-150m


Toxic Staff of the dead - 100-200m


Zaryte Bow - 100-300m


Armadyl Crossbow - 100-200m


Kodai Wand - 200-400m


Korasi - 250-400m


Dragon Warhammer - 100-300m


Death Cape - 1b+


Quest cape - 400m+


Icy Crossbow - 3-5b


Battle-Mage set (includes gloves and boots) - 1b+


Trickster set (includes gloves and boots) - 500m+


Armadyl Godsword - 200-300m


Bandos Godsword - 25-50m


Saradomin Godsword - 50-100m


Zamorak Godsword - 25-50m


Primordial/ Pegasian/ Eternal boots - 100-150m


Steadfast/ Glaiven/ Ragefire boots - 75-125m


Divine Spirit Shield - 300-400m


Elysian Spirit Shield - 200-300m


Arcane Spirit Shield - 200-250m


Spectral Spirit Shield - 100-150m


Vesta body 100-200m / Legs 100-250m


Statius Pieces 60-130m / Statius Helm 200-400m


Morrigans piece - 50-150m / Hood 50m


Zuriels Piece - 10-60m / Hood 15-30m


Vesta Longsword - 100-200m


Statius Warhammer - 50-100m


Bandos Piece - 50-150m


Armadyl Piece - 30-50m


Ring of the gods - 50-100m


Twisted Buckler - 50-100m


Hand Cannon - 50-150m


Charming Imp - 50-150m


Dragonfire Shield - 35-65m


Abyssal Whip - 25-30m


Amulet of Fury - 15-30m


Amulet of Ranging - 20-40m


Dark Bow - 5-20m


Ring of Wealth - 10m


Dragon Boots - 5-20m


Effigy - 20-60m


Dragonkin Lamp - 20-60m


Mystery Box - 5-10m


Red Key - 5-20m


Crystal Key - 2-4m / Loop half 1-3m / Tooth half 1m


Frost Dragon Bones - 600-1000k


Dragon Bones - 200-350k


Zombie Fragment - 150-250k


Note: I will alter prices when needed


Hope this helped guys, I'm open to suggestions and feel free to comment or message me ingame if you think a price needs changing.

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