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piggy piggy

Clue Scroll Guide

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Clue #1

"Dig somewhere Near the Duel Arena Tele"


-Tele to duel arena and dig here:




Clue #2

-Dig near one of the Slayer Masters


Teleport to Slayer Master Vannaka and dig here:




Clue #3

-Dig somewhere in Edgeville Bank


Teleport home and stand here:





Clue #4

-Dig somewhere near the tele to get Chaotics


Click on Dung skill and dig here:




Clue #5

-Dig in the are you might see Fisherman


Click Fishing skill and dig here:





Clue #6

-Dig near the King of the Dragons


Click on the KBD teleport or the boss menu of spellbook and dig here:




Clue #7

-Dig near the Mining Guild Teleport


Click on Mining skill/Mining Guild and dig here:




Clue #8

-Dig near the fourth Minigame teleport


Teleport to Pest Control minigame and dig here:




Clue #9

-Dig where players plant flowers


Teleport to ::gamble an dig here:




Clue #10

-Dig near the first few Crawling hands


Teleport to slayer tower and dig here:




Clue #11

-Dig in the cave of the giant bird


Teleport to the Phoenix cave and dig here:


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